Weekly Camp Gather ‘Round Yer CrockPot Meal


I only cook CrockPot meals. If it isn’t frozen pizza or breakfast for dinner, the food we ingest at Camp Gaulke will be CrockPot’ed.


I don’t have this specific one, but apparently they make them beautiful now??

I won’t bore you with elaborations on all the reasons why every person should do this because there are too many. (time, effort, one dish clean up, set it and forget it… <—- thisssssssss)

On the weekends…sure get out all your fancy simmering pots and pans, make a mess, chop chop chop, tap into your Mario Batali, do all those dishes like a boss, and have at it.

But during the work week…get yourself 2-3 crockpot recipes and have left overs (or frozen pizza…because #staplefood) to fill in the other nights.

Voilá, my friend.

Since I am not boring you with reasons why you should crock pot, I will fill in the blank space with my credentials for Crock Potting.

I have scoured the Internet, Pinterest, CrockPot Girls, Crockin Girls (yes both are a thing)…(no, not the same thing) and many many more blogs to provide the BEST tasting and easiest Crock Pot meals.

I do not have time for more than a few steps of prep and if I read a recipe with too many ingredients I’m intimidated, I just flake out right then and there.

So trust me. I really am an expert here.

My goal is to endorse and provide you the recipe of one Crock pot meal every week.

This week is:

Beef Stroganoff from HeathersBytes.com


This is the EASIEST. BEST. MOST COMFORTING. Beef Strog you have ever had.

*I use the stew beef not cube steak.

**Condensed Golden Mushroom Soup is found where all the Campbell’s condensed soup is found. Don’t substitute ANYTHING for this. It is the key to life.

Bon Appétit!

(PS. if you do make this, come back and comment. I want to hear your thoughts!)

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